ICT4ag @Kigali, ICTs for inclusive agriculture

home_image1Are you a journalist? Are you from ACP countriesIf your answer to both questions is YES, then save the date: on 4-8 November 2013 Kigali (Rwanda) will be the capital of the future of ICTs for Agriculture (ICT4ag).

Co-hosted by CTA and the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and supported by an impressive array of international organisations, the international conference ICT4ag offers participants the chance to discover exciting opportunities and cutting edge technologies on agriculture. Representing the public and private sector in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific and further afield, delegates will discuss how increased investment and adoption of ICTs in the agricultural sector will contribute to improved value chains as well as more effective advocacy and policy processes in agricultural and rural development. In addition, they will share ideas and knowledge, discuss new approaches, best practices and experiences. Issues related to ICT trends and their impact on agriculture, capacity building, enabling environments, scaling up and sustainability will also be discussed.

In particular, a media competition will take place within the conference offering the opportunity to ACP journalists working for ACP print and online media to investigate the challenges and opportunities for ICT contribution to agriculture and showcase success stories, best practices as well as challenges and opportunities.

In order to participate, journalists will need to submit original unpublished articles with concrete examples, which correspond to one of the three areas below:
1. Enabling environment for the agricultural sector to maximize the benefits from ICTs
2. Gender mainstreaming through ICTs for efficient/effective agricultural activities
3. Use of ICTs to boost access to markets and facilitate agribusiness.

If you are interested in participating, you can submit until August 15th, 2013 by contacting mediaprize@ict4ag.cta.int with a copy to mikenga@cta.int.

The top six finalists will be announced in September, 2013. The six finalists will be fully supported to attend the international conference on ICT4ag in Kigali, Rwanda and will receive Euro 1,000 prize. During the conference, the six finalists will be asked to write an original article based on one topic discussed during the conference, taking into account expert opinions case studies and arguments. The overall “Winner” – 1st place, will receive an additional Euro 1000. The second place winner will receive an additional Euro 500. The third place winner will receive an additional Euro 300. The top 3 “Winners” will also receive CTA trophies and book prizes.

Save the date and apply!

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About Alessia Messuti

Alessia Messuti has a background in communication with a special focus on the use of web radio for social inclusion and local development. She is a Training and Communication consultant in the Knowledge Systems Innovation Unit of UNITAR where she is involved in the design of training activities, the coordination of a course on social media for nonprofits as well as in research activities on innovative learning approaches. Fascinated by the idea that distance education and the use of new technology could increase access to learning and promote life- long learning, she wants to keep exploring innovative pedagogical approaches to adult learning.

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